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Although most parts are still available, we are having to repair or refurbish a lot of items. Click on the original part number to see photo’s and details of some of the parts.

This list of Enfield spares can be used to quick reference parts for the Enfield leg. Please use our part numbers when ordering it is much quicker.

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5ALAN KEYS 3/16"Alan Key
6Re-Furbished Leg exchange Refurbished Exchange Leg
7Re-furbished shield exchangeRefurbished exchange Transom shield
11Ball End- lower steering link11632762115
13Bearing Ball-input shaft and swivel rear2240020
14Bearing Ball-prop shaft & Vert shaft16640005
15Bearing Housing top bevel gear17737446221
17Bearing LH RE-FURBISHED gear change EXCHANGE ONLY12637421511
18Bearing Oilite-worm drive hsng bush342513089
20Bearing RH RE-FURBISHED gear change EXCHANGE ONLY12637421512
21Bearing -roller-input shaft212546106
22Bearing Strip - swivel hub3136841412
23Bearing. Roller vert.shaft & hsng. Special rebated Exch1657222
24Bearing-double ball-prop shaft inc circlip 2067147
25Bell Crank Lever- (New) Clutch op (lower)1537280
26Bevel Gear - prop shaft 21031174152
27Bevel Gear - Vert shaft top & in bod (SELL IN PAIRS ONLY) (Price each)19231174141
28Bevel Gear - vertical shaft lower19331174132
29Bolts Coupling KitsBolts Coupling Kit
31Bolt - 1/2 coupling to flex coupling 31/2"(engine side)96637
32Bolt - Coupling to input shaft 2"(Short- drive side)6096635
33Bolt - transom bolting2185830
34Bolt - 4"96642
35Bracket (swivel release)36562118
36Buffer (use 2 on ns model)462634018
37Bump Stop -long - leg kick upnla7380
38Bush - astern lock pin17533533114
39Bush - propeller shaft Oilite20533431405
40Bush - top pins, swivel plate to fork + steering pin452513911
41Bush Steering - upper link1132513906
42C.V. joint - assembly-rear cv - inter shaft - 3 x circlips99710911
43C.V. joint - rear (in leg)1992584602
44C.V. joint -input (transom shield)562584601
45Cam Quadrant operating gear shift (upper)13337376481
48Circlip - retaining oil seal housing21731736114
49Circlip - C.V. joint to bearing (1" dia)2032724410
50Circlip - gear change shaft852727177
52Circlip - input shaft bearing and rear cv bearing in top hsng. (2.5" dia)232721790
53Circlip - lock plunger sleeve82725499
54Circlip - prop shaft bearing to shaft2092724322
55Circlip - shaft to C.V. joint (small 3/4 circle wire)2022725191
56Circlip - shaft to CV joint (thick)2012724459
57Collar - locating vert shaft19833177512
59Coupling Kits R&D White Plastic incl Bolts59R & D
60Distance piece - coupling36133118
61Distance piece - propeller25933144114
62Dog Clutch - propshaft - NEW21233571122
64Filler Plug16832168105
65Fork - reverse pin to quadrant14236512111
66Fork End- plunger release anti swivel1336285105
67Gaiter steering Arm Enfield New.
Use only when not permanantly submerged.
68Gaiter - steering arm - transadrivecmm
70Gaiter C.V. joint / Transadrive/Enfield18833884112
71Gaiter clip size 1001897002a
72Gaiter Clip Size 90 1897002b
73Gasket - gear change bearing to body (hexagonal side plate)12736822517
74Gasket - top bevel gear housing ROUND HOLE17836861724
75Gasket - top cover OBLONG17036857407
76Gasket - Transom - Swivel model 1301936863113
78Gasket Transom - Non Swivel Model 130 square edges1975337533
79Gear Lever13537366641
81Half Coupling

83Hylosil Sealantcmm14
85Key gear lever132500003
88Magnezium anodes (pear 0.4 kg)Mag .4kg
90Morse cable bracket only18
91Morse cable control end19
92Morse cable end NEW STAINLESS STEELCMM 92
93Nut - C.V. Joint to input shaft5733531116
94Nut - Rev latch /close coupling SS Nylock482211284
95Nut - transom bolting (7/16 in rack plated)2188923
96Nuts & Bolts for Magnesium Anodes1" x 10mm
98Nylon Cap -steering outer (0ld) transom NLA (Phone)33823113
99Nylon Cap -steering outer (ball joint) leg
100Nylon Cup - inner with inserts (old) transom NLA (Phone)12241476002
101Nylon Cup Inner-steering ball jnt to leg11732813107
102Nylon Cup MK1 NS20
103Nylon Cup/Cap MK 1 (EACH)7415
104O Ring - anti swivel lock plunger122415702
105O Ring - astern lock pin1762415710n
106O Ring - gear shift shaft & Transa 55131730135
107O Ring - oil seal housing prop shaft2152415817
108O Ring Rear swivel hub to transom292415821
109O Ring Front swivel hub to transom3033824117
111Oil Nipple -Transom plate47055e
114Oilseal - prop shaft (double lip) stainless BRT 2132415520
115Oilseal - input shaft (hub, engine side) BRT 242415507
116Oilseal Housing prop shaft New21433411503
120Pin - astern lock - engages reverse latch1457409
121Pin - astern lock fork to Quadrant14132711408
122Pin - Bellcrank pivot pin (in skeg) do not remove32182112
123Pin - gear change rod to quadrant (TOP)14932114125
124Pin - New bell crank to shift rod7397
125Pin - Nylon transom plate / plunger pin1032815117
126Pin - Old steering Arm NOW Screw 22212817296
127Pin - Propshaft Oilseal housing loca2162116024
128Pin – Reverse catch pivot (new type)(cross pin)7413
129Pin - Reverse catch pivot (old type)7732716123
130Pin - Shackle cable1432713113
131Pin - Steering upper & lower links11932716125
133Pin - Upper fork - Horoz Swivel (new type)882115261
134Pin - upper fork Non-Swivel model horiz swivel pin7408
135Pin - Worm & tube to shaft382115261
136Pin Pivot vertical (new fork) A867411
138Plug - Drain oil skeg 3/8 unc 17332158105
139Plug - Oil level & Cap retaining Spring Plug17232161212
140Plug Drain oversize special 10mmcmm26
141Plug Drain oversize special 12mmcmm27
142Plunger - indent locking gear change13732455506
143Plunger Pin asy - anti swivel (, pin, 0 ring . Nylon tip pin)937811111
144Plunger sleeve - anti swivel733432309
149Propeller RH 13 X 8
Please Phone
155Propeller LH 14 x 14
Please Phone
157Propeller RH 14 x 13
Please Phone
158Propeller RH 14 x11
Please Phone
160Propeller RH 14 x 10
Please Phone
164Rear Hsg Assy - top bevel gear compl177710948
165Retainer - vertical shaft(steel saddle)19536612118
166Reverse Catch
167Rod - Reverse latch locking . Non Swivel7675
168Rod - Reverse latch locking . Swivel model (needs 2 Nylock nuts 2211284)4732524137
169Rod L/H Gear Shift
170Rod R/H gear shift NEW15134161111
174Screw - Adjusting reverse lock pin14832148311
175Screw - Bump stop retaining2652222712
176Screw Gear change bearing and other Short 2222712 (3/4")402222712
178Screw - Lower vert shaft brng ret196748352
179Screw - New fork clamp screws (1 1/2")897416
180Screw - ret shaft to fork grub screw (Old )892221285
181Screw - Skeg to body & Bevel gear hsng (EXTRA Long 1 1/4")163cmm29
182Screw - Skeg to body & Bevel gear hsng (Long 1") 222256 1632222256
183Screw - steering arm upper & lower link1202221281
185Screw - Swivel plate to hub and setscrew (1") 2227283517349
190Screw - zinc block to transom62224568
191Screw - zinc ring retaining (grub screw)2192221281
196Service Manual3131
197Setscrew - Front/Rear splashplate LONG use 73492227283
198Setscrew - Front/Rear splashplate SHORT2227283
199Shaft - gear change lever13032732113
200Shaft Propeller
201Shaft - vertical drive19432462114
202Shaft - worm drive3532456408
203Shaft Input - with coupling flange - transom plate5537466511
204Shaft intermediate Top Gears20033451522
205Spacer - bearing to prop shaft / Thick2087146
206Spacer - bearing to prop shaft / Thin20733123118
207Spinner nut2567112
208Split pin - astern lock pin to fork ??144610016
209Split pin fork end plunger release 35 ??172117269
210Split pin -new bellcrank pin152610002
211Spring - anti swivel pin1831744128
212Spring - ball indent locking gear change13831742126
213Spring - reverse catch8031751111
214Steering - arm T link (Latest)1117242
215Steering - arm assembly (Arm & hsng fitted together) USE ARM + HSNG+PIN+4 nylon Washers + 4 long screws + 4 exra long screws + Gaiter 214+221+131+263x4+182x4+67+2847282
216Steering - arm assembly (Complete ass)7299
217Steering - lower link11537374601
218Steering - upper link & bushes.1127225
220Steering Housing NOW 73017238
221Steering housing & Bushes (Latest)124
222Stop plate swivel4936113133
223Stub Shaft - perkins 107/8 drilled32738521
224Stub Shaft - undrilled8101
227Swivel fork assby (exc rev catch)
228Swivel fork assby(Inc rev catch)

229Swivel Hub2033426381
230Swivel hub assembly (Hub,Bearing roll input,Bear ball input,Circlip, Seal20710947
231Swivel Plate assembly(Exc screws inc Rev Rod,nut,stop plate, buffer ,bushes)44710938
232Tab washer - coupling to input shaft6136478311
233Tab washer 130 - Prop25733177511
234Tabwasher 2007084
235Thrust Washer - gear change shaft-nylon (Now use 7010)13433812114
236Thrust washer - prop shaft 279-28221131138101
237Thrust washer - prop shaft 285-28821131138103
238Thrust washer - prop shaft 292-29521131138102
239Thrust washer - worm drive372513970
240Thrust washer swivel hub to transom plate3233822406
241Top cover16737532891
242Top Cover Non Swivel7398
244Transom bolting kit8093
245Transom plate non swivel NLA S/H STOCK ONLYnla7362
246Transom plate swivel . NLA S/H STOCK ONLYnla37814125
247Tube top assy - worm drive3937442415
249Washer - Plain Coupling to shaft2131040
250Washer - filler plug & reverse pin hsing (DOWTY)169A2415943
251Washer - all 1/4" screws12933111411
252Washer - bellcrank pivot pin to body (Do not remove pin) New Type Nylon15633811111
254Washer - C.V.joint to input shaft5833121412
255Washer - drain plug skeg17433812112
256Washer - gear shift bearing screws12933111411
257Washer - hsng retaining(steering)12233111411
258Washer - Hsngtop bevel gear screws17933111411
259Washer - nylon - centre pin fork 8733813312
260Washer - oil level plug & spring retaining cap.14033812113
261Washer - plain - coupling to input shaft622131043
263Washer - steering arm - nylon Also Thrust washer for gear change 847010
265Washer - Swivel plate to swivel hub and setscrew 2227283522131041
266Washer - transom bolting2131627
267Washer cable release162131037
268Washer Reverse Lock pin/internal14333114410
269Washer Starlock - rev pivot pin7414
270Worm gear drive3631173109
271Worm hsng & bushes 33710951
273Worm hsng assembly complete (worm,casting,bushes,thrust washers,pins,tube,shaft)33710914
274Worm wheel 4131173201
276Yoke - New (narrow 7/16")25437378551A
278Zinc block536131314
279Zinc Ring21833131507