Spares List

The list of spares available on the above link gives prices and by clicking on the part number in a lot of cases will give a picture of the part.

Oilseal Housing

The new Enfield upgrades for the Oilseal Housing for the lower unit now has the capacity to  take two back to back oil seals, providing a positive seal for both the internal oil and the external water pressure. These should be fitted with the springs facing outwards.
Well worth changing this part when the lower unit is stripped. It is a simple replacement.   116-33411503


Roller Bearings

which support the various shafts and bevel gears have been upgraded to vastly increase the bearing surface. The new bearings fit in place of the originals but have more than twice the working surface area. Any units required to run under high load conditions should always be modified with these units. It does however require a complete strip down of the upper and lower housing.   7222

Please not that inferior bearings are still being fitted by mechanics saving money, which do not have enough surface area to take the loads imposed, which is why the larger bearings were manufactured. If your leg is being worked on please ensure that the updated bearings are supplied and fitted, otherwise the bearings are likely to fail in less than a seasons use. We only supply and fit the modified bearing.

Steering Swivel Fork


The Enfield upgrades for the Steering Swivel Fork has  been changed and the pins  for the reverse catch have been modified  to a cross pin arrangement which holds the Vertical Swivel Pin in place and forms the Pivot Pin for the reverse catch. This is retained with a Star Washer at each end.The Steering Swivel Fork comes either complete with the reverse catch or can be supplied without.

Refurbished Legs

We keep in stock good condition second hand refurbished legs. These are available for exchange.

These Legs have been stripped and worn out parts replaced and new gear change rods fitted with new type double seals to propeller shaft.

These legs are tested at our works for oil tightness, on assembly to the boat please check the proper assembly of all gaiters and that the filler and level and drain plugs are tight and that all sealing washers are in place and not damaged by over tightening. Ideally the leg should stand overnight with the oil level at capacity and checked for complete oil integrity before launching.