The easy pump mini is the smaller version of the Easy Pump Maxi – Non Toxic for drinking water, edible oils, cooking oils etc, as well as any other liquid.

The Easy Pump Mini is a economical pump which is ideal for camping, small boat use, no need for electric pumps, no waste or spillage. Also good for clearing small bilge areas which can be difficult to get to. The pump will cope with small solids and does not clog easily.

Dispenses detergents, engine oil, water or any non high solvent liquid from 25L containers. Economical versatile pump for smaller applications. Use for Bilges, Wine making, Drinking water, Fishtanks etc., etc.

(max temp 30 deg.C.)- (New High Temperature model now available)

OPERATION NOTE: Operate with steady moderate pumping action. Do not attempt to exceed the natural flow rate of the liquid being pumped. Excessive pumping of the Easy Pump Mini will cause leakage from the spindle.

Height of discharge must not exceed height of outlet or it will leak through the top of the pump.

Prices —- Easy Pump Mini RETAIL £6.50 – WEBSITE DIRECT SPECIAL PRICE £ 4.99 plus p&p or collect.