COVID-19 Info

19th June 2020


Updated information for the access to the boatyard.

Hire boat operations have now been re-instated and we are running a limited service to start.

Please respect the two meter distancing rule and not gathering in groups as to the current government guidelines.


The boatyard is now fully open. Please respect the safety of all our staff and customers by restricting your visits to the minimum, and only entering office areas and workshops if asked to do so and keeping your distance. Please phone first with any queries as the office may be operating remotely.
We are working as individuals. This measure is to keep the risk of infection to a minimum.

If any of our staff or families were to report any of the symptoms or have been exposed to 3rd parties, which have been exposed, they would immediately be required to isolate themselves in accordance with government guidelines.

We are asking our customers to be sensible by only using email or phone for all enquiries and payments.

If for any reason you are in the yard you are expected to maintain a reasonable distance from all persons within the boatyard area and not to gather in groups which would be against government guidelines. A careful use of washrooms and toilets washing hands regularly and cleaning down surfaces after being in contact with them will help to get us all through these difficult times.

Working out of the yard on your boat or premises

If we are asked to work on your boat or premises we will do so as long as we are satisfied that the boat or house is not being used by any person suffering with symptoms of the virus or it can be left with us or we have access to so work may be completed without other people in close proximity.

We look forward to continue to serve our customers so that they may enjoy their boating and heating this season. Please stay safe and take all precautions against spreading this virus so we can all get back to playing around with our boats.

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