We have a limited number of mainstream moorings available for private craft. Although the boats are breasted out from the bank we usually have our main jetty available for loading, fueling and disembarking. Assistance to leave or return to the moorings is always available.

Subject to size and weight considerations the natural tendency is for the boats used most often to occupy the outer berths and the long term static boats to remain on the river bank.  We have no minimum contract apart from a 4 week notice period.

The minimum length (for charging purposes is 7.62 meters (approx. 25ft.) (afloat) Boats under this size generally a maximum of 20′ depending on the boat, are usually accommodated on trailers on the hardstanding and launched and recovered by us as required. (no Minimum) There are many advantages in this arrangement for a small boat. The cost of antifouling is avoided. The boats are not subject to damage caused by wash from passing boats and the hulls remain dry thereby avoiding the costly problem of osmosis. There is no minimum length in this case and the launching service is included  subject to approval.


We have a considerable area of  storage where boats can be safely worked on, repaired, re-painted and generally refurbished. Most prudent owners will have their craft lifted ashore during the winter to allow the hulls to dry out and carry out essential maintenance work. We can Crane Lift boats up to 12 Tons (26 ton crane) or use our slipway for small craft on trailers. Access is available 365 days of the year. Power and water is available at all parts of the site. No minimum length or period, just 4 weeks notice required for leaving.


Wet Mooring in river ___ £5.05 per meter per week (approx. £1.54 per ft per week).

Hard standing ashore___£4.44 per meter per week (approx. £1.35 per ft per week).



474321_339341192782425_1226430629_oUnfortunately, nothing is safe these days, but as we have a constant presence in the Yard we are able to monitor our visitors and we hope to keep problems to a minimum. Last but by no means least our dogs, Boss until recently, yard dog, German Shepherd, Jack, our German Shepherd living next door, plus Lucy and other various breeds usually around. As you may have gathered we are rather fond of German Shepherds. Kathy was a trustee of “VIGIL”, a rescue centre for German Shepherds and all our dogs have come from that centre.457251_339344866115391_1023416507_o

None of them aHenry on Dinghyre vicious, but all will raise the alarm and deter undesirable characters. Recently the size of the dogs have got smaller and we have some interesting Jack Russells and miniature Dachshund which are very good at raising an alarm when strangers are in the yard.

Please use the email contact rather than the reply form, for questions or queries.


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Please use the email contact rather than the reply form, for questions or queries.


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