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Staines bridge

Staines Bridge

Staines has enjoyed a river crossing bridge since roman times. The present bridge designed by Rennie is the successor to four other bridges which once stood at this point. The present bridge, a beautifully proportioned three arched stone structure was opened in 1832 by William IV. Public Moorings are available for your Day Boat near by as well as the riverside “Swan Hotel” which has an excellent mooring.


Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle

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Dominating the River Thames and surrounding countryside, The Castle can be viewed for miles whilst cruising upstream to Windsor. As the River twists and turns the views are constantly changing. Originally built by William the Conqueror it has been the main Royal Residence for over 900 years and is the largest inhabited castle in the world.

The distance to the Windsor stretch is the absolute maximum for your Day Boat.

Windsor swans

Windsor Swans






Garrick’s Temple

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Situated at Hampton village on the Middlesex bank is Garrick House where the actor David Garrick had this wonderful folly erected to house a bust of Shakespeare by the sculptor Roubiliac. You will pass by on your Day Boat on your journey towards Hampton Court and Molesey lock.

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Chertsey Bridge

Chertsey Bridge built in 1780, recently strengthened to withstand todays heavy traffic. This bridge is the first to encounter on your Day Boat going upstream from our Boatyard. Moorings are provided on either bank and a choice of two riverside restaurants/bars.

Docket Eddy

Docket Eddy

The River downstream showing the recently re-developed Dockett Eddy House which you will pass by on your Day Boat going downstream.

Hampton Bridge

Hampton Court is just the other side of the bridge. Public moorings (24 hrs) adjacent .  A must see for any visitor. Plenty of pub’s and restaraunts. There are Moorings available for your Day Boat at the bridge.


The Thames and Wey combining at Weybridge. Here two photographs have been aligned side by side to show the meeting of the waters where the River Wey (on the left) joins the River Thames. The Wey flows each side of a group of small islands (centre left). To the right, part of the River Thames divides itself and flows around another island, before rushing down a weir to join the main river. Moorings are available for your Day Boat on Weybridge corner
Thames at weybridge


(Weybridge mariners club on the left). Here the River Wey and the River Thames have joined together and flow along towards Walton on Thames and further to London. At one time canal barges used to come here from the docks in London.
Shepperton Lock

Shepperton Lock

Always busy during the season. Lockside refreshments provided by the lock-keeper.

Generally best to stay on board your Day Boat in this lock as it is quite deep.


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National MAP – How to find us